Like with most of the decisions surrounding your wedding day, choosing the right videographer is an important one. Why spend money on someone with poor quality gear, little to no experience or someone who is just so expensive that it affects the rest of the wedding budget. We advise our clients to shop around, check out the competition and get a clear cut quote prior to signing with anyone. Understand what they are offering, what costs are involved and whether they are willing to film to a particular style you might want. All the fine details of where and how can be sorted out after you choose someone, but make sure they are going to deliver the video you want.

Like a lot of companies out there, we believe we are the best. We use high quality, industry leading equipment which is operated by experienced videographers with a fine eye for detail. We orchestrate a shot when required but also hang back in the shadows to capture the candid moments. All our work is edited to suit our clients tastes and personalities as well as their chosen soundtrack. We will work from dawn 'til dusk if asked and will deliver a product that will be cherished for years to come.

We keep our costs low because our videographers are all married too and we know what the costs of a wedding are like! There is no need for our company to jump on the band wagon and charge extra just because its a wedding. Price does not always equal quality. Sometimes your paying for an inner city studio location or the videographers nice car. We are realists, we pay our bills and keep food on the table but without breaking other peoples budgets.

We don't discriminate! In fact, we love the chance to film unique weddings because its a special day for all involved and we get to meet new people and have a good time doing the job we love. Let us know what special religious traditions you are part taking in or the unique twist to your nuptials, to make sure we are ready and film it just the way it should be.

We can do interstate or destination weddings. Best thing to do is to contact us regarding when and where and we can discuss the costs.

We aim for 8-10 weeks on delivery of your draft, then we allow for you to spend some time reviewing it prior to making any changes then we supply the finished copy within two weeks. We can arrange for express services, just let us know. There may be some costs for express services depending on the circumstances, but its best to let us know at least eight weeks prior to your wedding.

We ask that you pay a 10% deposit upon confirmation of your booking. 70% is then paid two weeks prior to the event and the remaining 20% is paid upon completion of the edit. If you would like to pay in instalments, we can organise that too.

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